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Plastics Tomorrow

Will Plastics Become the Miracle Workers Predicted by Same Enthusiasts? Practical Experience, Gained by the Industry, Shows What They Can and Cannot be Expected to Do. Plastic Ships, Automobiles, Houses?...

By D.H. Killeffer

Electronic Processing

Through The Use of Such Electronic Processing Agents as Radio-Wave Components, Supersonic Waves, X-Rays, Ultra-Violet Rays, and Infra-Red Rays, New Methods of Producing Desired Physical and Chemical Changes in Materials Have Been and Are Being Developed by Industry...

By John Markus and Keith Henney

Engines of the Air

Highly Reliable Power-Plants have been Developed for Military Aircraft. These Will Have Direct Influence on Not Only the Future of Private and Commercial Flying, but on Engines for Automobiles...

By Alexander Klemin

Chicago's New Subway

Fluorescent Lighting, Piston-Action Ventilalion, Reversible Escalators, Automatic Drainage, and Complete Operational Safety are Some of the Outstanding Features of this New Transit System Designed to Relieve Traffic Congestion in the Famous Loop Section of the City...

By Edward J. Cleary

Castings Progress

War Needs Have Intensified the Application of Modern Science and Engineering in Foundry Practice. How Castings of All Types Have Better Properties, Can Be More Efficiently Manufactured, and are in the Best Competitive Position in Their History...

By Fred P. Peters

Measuring Roughness

When the Motor and Aviation Industries Put Stiffer Demands Bearings, Something More Scientific had to be Substituted for the Machinist's Eyes and Fingertips. Using Instruments Having a Stylus Point to Draw Across a Surface, the Roughness is Measured in Millionths of an Inch...

By Albert G. Ingalls and Harry B. Shaper

Keeping Business in Business

One of the Outstanding Stories of Materials Substitution to Grow Out of Metal Shortages is that of the Use of Fabricated Fiberboard for a Wide Variety of Applications. Refrigerators. Clothes Lockers, Lunch Boxes, Lighting Reflectors, and Toys are Only a Few of the Items Affected...

By A.P. Peck


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