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Here's How!

Alcohol Enters So Many War-Needed Products that Present Demands are Six Times Normal Peace-Time Supplies. Conventional Sources are Now to be Supplemented by Alcohol Derived from Wood, Adding New Factors to the Post-War Alcohol-Production Picture...

By D. H. Killeffer

Versatile Indium

Once Valued at $20,000 an Ounce, Indium Now Sells for $7.50. It's Peculiar Properties Open Wide Fields of Use in High-Speed Bearings, Solders, Jewelry, and as a Hardening Element in Non-Ferrous Alloys...

By Fred P. Peters and Kenneth Rose

Welding In Production

Electronic Control Methods have Increased Reliabilily and Speed in Welding. Bringing Precision Operations to the Assembly Line. Factors Governing Quality of Welds Can be Held Automatically Within Predetermined Limits...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

Precision for Every Plant

Millionth-Inch Tolerances on the Production Line. Progress in Measurement Methods and Tools Has Been so Great That Even the Smallest Plant Can Afford Ihe Equipment Necessary for Turning Out Products with an Accuracy Undreamed of in Manufacturing Processes of a Few Years Ago...

By Edwin Laird Cady

X Marks the Spot

An Advance Account of the New Hillier Electron Microanalyzer Now Undergoing Development at the RCA Laboratories. Related to the Electron Microscope, It Serves a Different End, the Elemental Analysis of Minute Samples of Matter...

By Albert G. Ingalls

Jet-Propulsion Flight

The New Jet-Propelled Plane Flies Fast and is Safe. An Analysis Reveals its Superiorities and Inferiorities and Points Out its Possible Future. The Struggle of its Oft-Frustrated Inventor and His Final Success Affords a Romantic Story of a Young Man's Determination...

By Alexander Klemin

'Our Business Is — Improving'

Research Facililies are Made Available for Small Businesses Through the Activities of the Armour Foundation. Without Huge Investments, Industries that Cannot Otherwise Afford Research Laboraories are Placed on the Same Basis as Big Business...

By The Staff and Francis Sill Wickware


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