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Mass Production Metal-Forms

In Materials Engineering the Choice of Metal-Form or Fabricating Method is often as Important as Selecting the Metal to be Used. Process-Competition in the Small-parts Field is Especially Intense and Will Become More So in the Not Far Distant Future...

By Fred P. Peters

Wood in War Construction

Many of the New Uses for Wood which Have been Developed as a Result of War-Speeded Work Will be of Value in Peace-Times. Plywood, Laminated Timbers, New Connectors, and Design Improvements Point the Way...

By Edward J. Cleary and A. N. Carter

Progress by Substitution

A Brighter World is Promised by the Surface-Coating Industry as the Result of Substitutes Developed to Replace War-Restricted Materials. New Drying Oils, Some Produced by Synthesis, are being Used in Paints With Excellent Results...

By D. H. Killeffer

Prospecting for Petroleum

Man's Insatiable Curiosity About the Possible Wealth of Materials Hidden in the Ground has Led Him to Employ Many Weird Contrivances in His Search. As Science Advances, the Witch-Hazel Divining Rod Used for Locating Water Has Given Way to Electronic Techniques for Subsurface Probing...

By Keith Henney

Modern Lubrication

For Centuries, as Long as Lubrication was on an Empirical Basis, its Efficiency Remained Very Low. Only When a True Understanding of the Basics 0f the Lubrication Process was Reached Could Bearings and Lubricants be Designed to Make Possible Today's Machines...

By E. M. Barber and Alberl G. Ingalls

Aviation Surveyed

Aircraft Production, Materials, Tools, Transportation, Airports, Safety, and Design, as Viewed by an Observer at the Annual Meeting of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Why and How the United States Has Achieved Military Supremacy in the Air...

By Alexander Klemin

By-Passing the Sheep

An Artificial Fiber, With Many of the Best Characteristics of Wool, Is Now Being Made Commercially from Soybean Protein. How it Will Compete With Other Fibers in Price and Uses is Still for the Future to Decide...

By The Staff and H. R. Drackett


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