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Synthetics Offer Solutions

Some 160 Compounds Have Been Produced from Petroleum and Natural Gas. Many of these Will Become Essential Parts of New and Important Post-War Developments. Today the Processes Involved are Supplying War-Needed Products; Tomorrow They May be Applied 10 Liquid Fuel Production...

By D. H. Killeffer

Lead Carries its Weight

No One Surveying Ihe Potentialities in New Alloys and Sleels should Forget Those Old Standbys Like Lead That Have Entered New Fields and Permanently Improved Their Application-Positions Generally...

By Fred P. Peters

Safety Increases, But

Statistics Show that While Much Has Been Done to Reduce Industrial Accidents There is Still a Long Way to Go. Codes and Standards Are Snarling Points. Small Plants Must Be Brought Abreast of the Practices of the Large Ones if the Average is to Brought Up...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Electronic Aviation

Military Developments Hold Definite Promise for Peace-Time Applications in Both Commercial and Private Flight. Radar Principles can Give Birth 10 Systems that Will Warn of Possible . Collisions Provide Block-Signal Control and in Olher Ways Promote Safety in the Air...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

Explosives - - Inside and Out

Some of the Chemical "Whys" of Black Powder Nitroglycerine, Guncotton, Smokeless Powder, Toluene, Picric Acid, TNT, Ammonium Nitrate, Amatol, and the New Penthrite which is no Longer Hush-Hush...

By Albert G. Ingalls and Sidney J. French

High-Octane Gas

What Effect will the Wartime Advances in Technology and Plant Facilities that are Giving Remarkable Fuels to Aviation have on Post-War Uses Air and Automotive? Will You Fly with l00-Octane Gas and More Immediately Interesting to the Average Reader...

By Alexander Klemin

Water Conditioning

Master Chemical of All Chemicals Water Produces as Many Industrial Headaches as it Solves. However Intensive Research on the Whole Waler Problem is Pointing the Way Toward Trealment Methods Adaptable to Almost Any Troublesome Siluation in Factory or Home...

By J. D. Ratcliff and The Staff


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