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Bringing Down the Stratosphere

In the Sperry Gyroscope Company's New High-Altitude Laboratory Conditions of Low Pressure, Extreme Cold, and Oxygen Lack are Duplicated by Means of Vacuum and Other Equipment, Affording a Peculiar Kind of Research that Combines Aeronautical Engineering, Physics, and Physiology

By Alexander Klemin

Supersonics at Work

Inaudible Wave Power is Being Used Today to Detect Flaws and Deviations in Manufactured Products, to Measure Underwater Depths and Distances, and to Detect Underwater Objects such as Fish. Principles have Been Developed Which Bave Interesting Possibilities for Future Expasion

By Keith Henney

Insects Can be Controlled

New Weapons and New Methods of Using Them Have Been Developed by the Chemical Industry. Many of these Have Great Potentialities in the Commercialization of Disease-Ridden Areas Where Insects have Formerly Prevented Human Exploitation of Rich Natural Resources

By D. H. Killeffer

Highways Alter the War

Short-Haul Motor-Vehicle Traffic Reqirements Will Probably Dominate Post-Planning in this Field. The Report 01 the Interregional Highway Committee Shows Ihe Trend Which May Re Expected. Separation to Traffic Flow and Elimination of Grade Crossings are Important Elements

By Edward J. Cleary and V. T. Boughton

Continuous Casting

A Number of Relatively Simple and Inexpensive Machines Have Been Perfected in which Molten Metal is Poured into One End and Continuous Lengths of Billets, Sheet, or Strip Emerge from The Other End. Practically All Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper Alloys are Now Cast in this Manner, and Experiments Currently Under Way with Steel Show Great Promise

By Fred P. Peters and T. W. Lippert

Man Against Oxygen

In the Perpetual Struggle to Prevent Oxygen from Combining with Man's Best Metals, Such as Iron, the Petroleum Corrosion Preventives. Now Proved Up in the War are Shouldering their Way into Wider Use—Just as They Shoulder their Way Under the Water that Causes rust

By R. G. Sloane and Albert G. Ingalls

Meet Melamine

A New Family of Resins, Dating Rack Only a Few Years, Has Invaded Fields Ranging from Textile Finishing to Complicated Holdings. High Strength, Good Electrical and Heat Resistance, and Amenability to Diversified Applications are Outstanding Characteristics for Post-War Work

By Charles J. Romieux and The Staff


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