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Flame Filled Future

Oxy-Aceiylene Flames, Once Thought to Have Extremely Limited Uses, are Branching Out as Versatile Tools in the Metal-Working Industry. They are Being Used to Cut Threads, to Work the Hardest Steels, to Correct War page, for Surface Hardening, and in a Number of Other Applications...

By Daniel Minturn and Fred P. Peters

Electronic Counting

A Newly Developed All-Electronic Counter Decade How Makes Possible Accurate Counting at Rates up to a Million Objects per Second, Surpassing Mechanical and Electromagnetic Counters in Accuracy and Versatility...

By Keith Henney

Airports for America

Civil Aviation Should Advance Rapidly After the War. Some Six Thousand Airports will he Needed and the Initiative, also Most of the Development. Should the Local Whether for Large Cities...

By Alexander Klemin

Better Water for Industry

Location Determines the Physical and Chemical Properties of Water Available for Industrial Use. Only Through the Application of the Best Talents of the Chemist and the Engineer Can Existing Processes be Applied to the Solution of Many industrial Water Troubles...

By Edward J. Cleary

The Resin Dog with the Plastics Tail

Quick Drying Enamels, Beller Plywoods, and Improved Fabrics, are Only a Few of Ihe Developments of the Synthetic Resins Industry. Plastics Aside, These Resins are Doing Jobs that Have Immediate and Long Range Implications to a Number of Industries and to the General Public...

By D. H. Killeffer

If You Can't Kill it, Isolate It

Today there are Ways of reducing Destructive Vibration in Machinery but These are Limited, and Thus Isolation by Means of Elastic Suspensions has a Wide Field of Application. The Design of Mountings Using Rubber for this Purpose has Now Reached the Stage of a Predicable Science...

By Albert G. Ingalls and H. H. Fink

Battleship of the Air

The Superfortress (B-29) is Far More than the Outstanding Aerial Bomber so Far Produced; It is a Harbinger of Better Things to Come. Good Visibility, Pressurized Cabin, and Comfortization are Some of the Features that the Aviation Industry May Well Siudy...


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