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Centrifugal Casting

Assuming an Increasingly Prominent Position in the Metal Industry, this Process Offers Advantages of Economy in Metal and Machining Cost. While its Forte is in the Pipe and Tubing Fields, it can be Applied to the Production of Shapes Other than Cylindrical...

By Fred P. Peters and Edwin F. Cone

They Do Practically Anything

Making Industrial History Today, but Not Making News Headlines, is a Broad Class of Versatile Chemicals, the Ion Exchangers, a New Tool of Amazing Aptitude and a Master of All Trades. With them Industry is Solving Some Problems that have Plagued it, and is Resolving Some Headaches...

By Albert G . Ingalls and Jean Mater

What About the Gas Turbine?

Will these Simple and Potentially Efficient Power Plants Out-Mode Steam, Gasoline, and Diesel Engines Overnight? What are the Fundamental Reasons Why the Gas Turbine, Based on Four Centuries of Thinking, is Only Now Emerging from the Dream Stage?...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Electronics in Transportation

Radio and Radar Equipment Developed for Military Use will he Available After the War to Expedite Routing of Mobile Units in Ihe Transportation Industry Even Manufacturing Plants can Benefit from Two-Way Radiophone Service, Television, and Almost-as-Fast Facsimile Transmission...

By Keith Henney

Chemical Guardians of Fabrics

Processes Have Been Developed Which Protect Various Textile Malerials Against the Ravages of Fire, Water, Mildew, and Moths. Cotton has been Made Shrink-Set and Crease-Resistant. The Goal of the Industrial Textile Chemist is Now to Develop an All-in-One Treatment...

By D. H. Killeffer and Steven M. Spencer

Progress in Instrumentation

The Wartime Impetus to the Aviation Industry will Be Reflected in Many Ways Post-War, to the Benefit of American Aviation and of Other Peace-Time Industries as Well. The Philosophy of Instrument Research...

By Alexander Klemin

Continuous Hardening

High-Frequency Process is Being Commercially Applied to Treatment of Steel Bars of Various Diameters, Shapes, and Lengths. Results Thus Far Show Appreciable Savings in Costs, Plus Increased Machinability...


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