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Thermit Branches Out

Intense Heat (Above 4500 degrees, Fahrenheit) is Generated by Reaction of Granular Metals When Correctly Ignited. The Heat Alone Can be Applied 10 Many Uses, or the Resulting Metallic Mass Can be Used for Construction or Repair Purposes...

By Fred P. Peters and Kenneth Rose

Abundont Chlorine

Production Capacity for This Common but Important Chemical is Now Double that of Pre-War Times. This New Abundance Will Make Chlorine Available for the Development of New Derivatives and Applications and for the Expansion of Old Uses that Have Already been Proved in Practice...

By D. H. Killeffer

Precast Solves Many Problems

When Concrete is Precast Rather than Cast in Place, it is Possible to Accurately Control Many Desirable Qualities. In Addition, Standardized Forms Are Available Which Can be Quickly and Easily Pat to Use...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Electronics in Tomorrow's Industry

Its General Trend Will Take Three Directions--Improving Old Processes; Applications of New Principles Not Yet Released from the Secrecy Seal of the War; and Commercialization of Techniques Now Being Developed, Such as Electronic Cooking, Sterilization, Personal Radio-Telephones...

By Keith Henney

Has the Glider A Future?

Brilliant Military Successes of Gliders in Transportation and Pilot Training Have Apparently Paved Ihe Way 10 Commercial Glider Trains for Peace Time Operation. But Closer Examination of All The Factors Involved Reveals a Number of Limitations that Must be Taken into Consideration...

By Alexander Klemin

Glowing Color in the Dark

The War Effort Has Slimulaled the Development of an Extensive Line of Luminescent Pigments. These are Now Used in Paints and Coatings, Paper, Plastics, Printing Inks, and Pastes, Foreshadowing a Number of Interesting Peacetime Possibilities for Luminescent Products...

By Albert G. Ingalls and M. A. Heikkila

Rays that Sterilize

Wherever Industrial Operations Require a Bactericidal Effect for Sterilizing Air, Packaged Goods, Utensils, Containers, and so on. There Will be Found A Field for Application of Ultra-Violet Radiation...

By Harvey C. Rentschler


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