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Research Opens the Door

How Industry Has Developed the Philosophy of Research, Changing the Picture from that of the Lone Inventor Struggling Against Tremendous Odds to the Broad Teamwork Programs of Today. Present Applications of Industrial Research Point the Way Toward Solving Some of Tomorrow's Important Problems...

By Charles F. Ketteiung

Better Metals Through Research

Outstanding War-Time Research-in-Metals Development is the Sharing of Data and Efforts by Manufacturers. The Inevitable Result is Better Materials and Methods for Peace-Time Products. These Will be Converted into Applications of Importance to Industry and the Public Alike...

By Fred P. Peters

Railways Roll on Research

Many Problems Became the Subjects of Research Early in the History of the Industry. Some of These Have Been Under Almost Continuous Investigation Since Practically No Industry Employing Research in the Development of its Products Has Not Made its Contribution to the Railways...

By C. B. Peck

Electronic Aids to Research

Pure and Applied Research Alike Find a Multitude of Uses for the Electronic Tube. From the Laboratory to the Workbench, Electronics is Making Possible New Accuracy in Measurement and Control...

By John Markus and Keith Henney

Research Gave Mankind Wings

From the Very Beginning, Research has been the Basic Element in Aviation Progress. The Wright Brothers Built a Wind Tunnel Long Before They Built A Flying Machine. From Then on, Research by Industry, Government, and The Universities Has Brought Flying to Its Present Astonishing Triumphs...

By Alexander Klemin

Plastics--Products of Research

No Other Industry Has Profited So Greatly by Laboratory Research Than Has the One Built on the Original Work Done 75 Years Ago by Hyatt. A View of Accomplishments of Very Recent Years Serves as a Basis for Evaluation of Progress Yet to Come...

By Charles A. Breskin

Everything Under Control

Chains of Control, Developed Through Constant Research Result in Better Products. Made Faster and at Lower Cost. All Industrial Production Men Have a Stake in This Important Phase of Mechanical Engineering to Which Teamwork Holds the Key...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Where Research is King

In the Chemical Industries More than Any Other Field, Research is the Basis of All Progress and Profit. Outstanding Among its Achievements Has Been the Drastic Lowering of Prices on a Long List of Materials Used Widely in Production, with Consequent Benefit for All Humanity...

By D. H. Killeffer and F. J. Van Antwerpen

Research in Metal Heating

Cheaper and Tougher Metal Parts for Many Uses are Expected to Follow as a Result of Research at a New Laboratory for the Development of Wider Applications of High-Frequency Induction Heating to the Tasks of Metal Hardening, Brazing, and Annealing...


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