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On the Railroad Frontier

From the Wood-Burning Engines of a Century Ago to the Streamliners of Today, the Railroads have Served All Industry in Many Ways. Here is the Compact Story of Railroad Progress

By C. B. Peck

Weather-Proof Revolution

Our Armed Forces Needed Containers That Could With stand Immersion in Salt Water and Pass Unscathed Through The Rough-and-Tumble of Battle. To Meet This Need the Industry Pooled its Knowledge and Trade Secrets...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Plastics Days Ahead

Railroad Modernization Will Offer Many Diverse Applications of Plastics, Some of Which Have Already been Proved in Practice. Lighting Fixtures, Upholstery and Drapery Fabrics, Structural Paris, And Electrical Insulation are a Few of the Possible Uses of These Versatile Materials...

By Charles A. Breskin

Planes and Trains

In Designing Ihe Modern Streamlined, Lightweight Train, the Railroads Sought Assistance from Aeronautical Engineers, and this Successful Example of Working Together by the Two Industries Points the Way of A Future Integration of their Services for the Good of the Public...

By Alexander Klemin

Electronics in Boilroading

Increased Safety is The Goal of Many Uses, Direct and Indirect, of Electronics by The Railways. Flaw Detection in Rails, Materials Testing, Signal Systems, and Communications All Involve the Busy Electron...

By John Markus and Keith Henney

Chemistry Serves the Railroads

Important Contributions have Been Made to the Great Forward Strides in Speed and Comfort by The Railroads in The Last Ten Years. Chemistry has Helped in the Achievement of Lighter Rolling Stock...

By D. H. Killeffer

Metals Make Railroads

The Railroads are Planning Now to Utilize Ihe Far.Reaching Advances Made by Metals During the War in Higher Speed, Lighter Weight Rolling Stock lor Both Passenger and Freight With this Equipment They Will Meet Peace Time Competition of the Airplane, Truck, and Bus...

By Fred P. Peters

Wheels of Worth

In The Mutual Working Relations of Railway Car Wheels Rolling on Steel Rails There are Some Interesting Applications of Fundamental Science. An Abbreviated Consideration of The Effects of Heavy Stresses and Strains on Both Wheels and Bails...

By Albert G. Ingalls and L. K. Sillcox

Luxury on Rails

In the Coming Post-War Scramble for Passenger Business, the Railroads Will Have Much to Offer. Pullmans Will Feature Private Rooms More Than Before, and New, Low-Priced Three-Tier Sleepers Will he Introduced...

By Harry E. Schaden


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