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America on Wheels

From EVs' Road Vehicle of 1789, Through the Famous Selden Patent of 1895 and the Rough-and-Tumble Days of the Early 1900's, to the Present Day, Automotive History in the United States Shows a Dominating Influence on the Growth of Other Industries...

By Leslie Peat

Machine Tool Magic

Machines That Make Other Machines Have Progressed Rapidly During the War, Yet the Immediate Future Will Demand Continuing Supplies of New Tools. What Improved Machine Tools Mean to Industry and What May be Expected of Them in the Light of New Knowledge...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Automotive Plastics

Will "The Car of Tomorrow" have a Plastics Body? Probably Not, Until Many Technical Problems are Solved. However, Even Pre-War Cars Used Many Plastics Parts, Pointing the Way Toward Vast Increases in the Use of these Materials for Decorative and Functional Purposes...

By Charles A. Breskin

Petroleum Pavements

Asphalt in Varied Consistencies, Distilled From Petroleum, Surfaces Many Thousands of Miles of America's Highways. Quickly and Economically Laid in the Molten State, it Forms a Resilient and Flexible Road-Bed Whose Cushioning Surface Wears Long Under Constant Use...

By Jerome Campbell

Electronics on the Road

Two-Way Vehicle Radio Units, the Walkie-Talkie, the Handie-Talkie, Electronic Ignition Systems, and Safety Devices are Some of the Developments that May Well be Expected to Make Commercial Vehicles More Versatile, Motor Cars More Efficient, and the Highways Safer...

By Keith Henney and John Markus

Highways of the Air

Feeder Lines, Serving the Trunk Airlines But Also Providing Short-Haul Aerial Transportation, Have Great Possibilities If Costs are Reduced to Meet Competition of Other Forms of Transportation and if Adequate Facilities are Made Available for Handling Traffic...

By Alexander Klemin

Automotive Rubber

Forgetting for the Moment Today's Pressing Question of Tires, Consideration is Given to the Place of Synthetic Rubber in Mechanical Parts for Post-War Vehicles. Temperatures Encountered in Operation, Stresses Imposed, and Other Factors Must Be Known if the Designer is to Take Full Advantage of the Mechanical Qualities of the Synthetics...

By D. H. Killeffer

Miracle or Mirage?

Powder Metallurgy, an Older Art than Many Realize, Can Thank the Automotive Industries for Much of its Recent Expansion. Will this Growth Continue or Will the "Modern Miracle" Prove to be a Mirage?...

By Fred P. Pet

The "Jeep" Post-War

Improvements and Changes in the Famous Military Vehicle Have Already Made it More Useful for Heavy Work in Civilian Life. Retaining the Famous Four-Wheel Drive, the New Jeep has a Transmission Adapted to Many Uses and a Re-Designed Combustion Chamber...


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