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Life-Blood of the World

Petroleum Was Known and Used in Limited Ways for Thousands of Years Before It Was First Deliberately Sought After on a Commercial Scale. Then Came Drake's Folly and the Dawn of the Petroleum Age...

By Russell Hogin

Precision Quenching

By Control of the Pressure, Temperature, and Turbulence of Quenching Mediums, Engineers Have Made it Possible to Predict, With High Accuracy, the Exact Amount that Metals Will be Distorted by Heat Treatment...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Refinery Electronics

Temperature Recorder Aids in Accurate Separation of Compounds Whose Boiling Points Are Very Close Together. Another Electronic In- strument Measures the Thickness of Walls of Pipes and Tanks, and Gages Liquids Heights in Vessels Without Access to Their Interiors...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

Cargo by Air

Cargo Airliners ot Tomorrow Will Bring Choice Tree Ripened Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, and Flowers from Far-Off Corners of the World in Special Refrigerated Compartments. Many Industries Will Profit by Using Air Freight to Ship Light-Weight and Perishable Merchandise...

How Soon Atomic Energy?

Does the Atomic Bomb Indicate the future Mass Destruction of Every Living Thing? Or, Preperly Controlled, Will Its Limitless Energy be Utilized and Harnessed to Serve Mankind as has Electricity a nd Water?...

By D. H. Killeffer

Lithium, Servant Metal

As a Scavenging Agent, This Lightest of All Metals Makes Possible Alloy Castings that are Stronger, Less Porous, and Higher in Electrical Conductivity. Because of its Extreme Chemical Activity it Purifies Alloys and Gives Them Much Finer Grain Structure...

By Fred P. Peters

Petroleum in Plastics Processing

Hydraulic Presses, Operating Around the Clock, Must Use the Correct Fluid for Continued Economical Operation. Heat Transfer, Rust Pre- vention, and Adequate Lubrication are Other Special Problems of the Plastics Industry that are Being Solved by Petroleum Products...

By Charles A. Breskin

Chasing Water Pockets

Soft Spots in Railroad Tracks, Caused by Pockets in the Subsoil, Create Maintenance Problems and Frequently Necessitate Speed Reductions. Effective Use of Cement Mixtures is Eliminating Such Pockets Without Interfering with the Use of the Track...

By C. B. Peck

An Expanding Chemical

Sodium Methylate, Now Available Commercially, is Used in Drugs and Cosmetics, in Perfumes and Lacquers, in Dyes and Insect Repellants

New Products and Processes, November 1945


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