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Is DDT Poisonous?

Legends of All Kinds Have Been Built Around this Newest of Insecticides. It is Poisonous, but... Many of the Troubles are Traceable to the Solvents Used. There is Nothing to Fear if the Material and Products Containing it are Handled With Respect...

By D. H. Killuffer

Boron Carbide: A Challenge

Industry Has Available a Material which Can Be Put to Many Production Uses, When Means Are Found to Capitalize Fully on its Advantages and Overcome its Weaknesses. Already Boron Carbide is Being Used in Blast Nozzles, Gages, and Specialized Cutting Tools...

By Fred P. Peters

Television in the Dark

Image Orthicon Tube Has Tremendously Increased Sensitivity, Especially in the Infra-Red. It Points to Perfected Television and to Military Applications in Television-Controlled Pilotless Planes...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

100,000,000 Electron Volts

New Super X-Ray Generator Makes Possible Transmutation of Elements and Opens New Fields for Extended Research in Nuclear Physics

By John Markus

Standards for Versatility

Industrial Standards Can and Will Give the Whole World a Better Standard of Living. But Complete International Co-Operation Must be Gained Before Such Standardization Can be Fully Realized...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Motorless Flight

Towed Gliders, Proved in Military Uses, Are Now the Subject of Intensive Study for Future Commercial Uses. Special Jet Motors can Help to Get Them off the Ground. But the Greatest Competitor of the Cargo Glider is the Developing Type of Cargo Plane Itself...

By Alexander Klemin

Frictional Heat

Welding, Bonding, and Molding of Plastics is Speeded by a New and Simple Process That Will Greatly Extend the Utility of these Materials in Many Applications. By Use of Friction, Plastics can be Permanently Bonded to Wood, Glass, Metals, Ceramics, and Other Non-Plastics...

By Charles A. Breskin

Story of Hydroforming

Research Engineers in Efforts to Improve the Engine Performance of Low-Grade Gasoline Discovered an Inexpensive and Unlimited Source of Toluene and Other Aromatic Compounds. Useful in War, They are Also Raw Materials From Which Many Industrial Products are Manufactured...

By Luther Hill

Microwaves on the Way

With every revolution, some of them hit the lost plane and bounced back, making the blip on the radar screen which showed the plane's exact position. As the plane came closer, a second operator, watching the blip on a more finely scaled screen which showed details of the airfield, took up the coaching...

By Harland Manchester


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago, January 1946

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