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Extrusions Push Ahead

Product Designers and Manufacturers Will Find New Raw Materials in the Extrusions that Are Now Available. Recent Advances in Extrusion Techniques have Opened this Materials-Forming Method to Many of the Stronger and Tougher Metals that Formerly Could Not be Extruded...

By Fred P. Peters

Plastics In Radio

A Large Percentage of the Radio Receivers to be Made During the Coming Year will Use a Variety of Plastics in a Variety of Ways. Moldings, Extrusions, Castings, and Wire Insulations All Find Places in an Industry that Faces a Greatly Expanding Future...

By Charles A. Breskin

Electronic Inspection

Visible Quality Curves Traced on Cathode-Ray Tube Screens Provide Inspection and Testing Equipment that Eliminates the Human Factor. Increased Reliability in Precision Mechanical and Electrical Units May be Obtained by Applying Proved Methods of Electronic Checking...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

Amino Acids: In Quantity

Now Produced in Industrial Quantities, Life-Saving Protein Nutritional Elements Provide Medical Science with a New Weapon. Chemical Technology Removes Amino Acids from the Test-Tube Stage by Breaking Down Food Proteins with Acids, Alkalies, or Enzymes...

By Howard C. E. Johnson and D. H. Killeffer

Helicopters in Civil Aviation

Will the Helicopter Find Immediate Application in Civil Aviation and Industry; or Will Engineering Limitations, Landing Area Problems, and the High Degree of Pilot Skill Required Restrict its Utility?...

By Alexander Klemin

Never-Ending Studies

Time and Motion—All-Important Factors in Industrial Processes—Have Been Studied for Years and Will Have to be the Subject of Eternally Continuing Studies. Every New Industrial Change Must be Geared to the Ever-Present but Never-Changing Human Being...

By Edwin Laird Cady

The Public And The Engineer

Realism, Not Ivory-Tower Gadgetry, Keynotes the Thinking of Successful Automotive Designers. Economic Trends, Production Problems, and Public Tastes Sometimes Outweigh Engineering Considerations; While Research In Apparently Unrelated Fields Answers Baffling Questions...

By Leslie Peat

Industrial Uses of Atomic Energy

Will Future Automobiles, Trains, and Ships be Powered by the Often Mentioned "Spoonful" of Material that can be Converted Into Useful Energy by Atomic Fission? Size of Power Plant, Economics of Power Source, and Other Factors, Enter the Picture...

By Leonard I. Katzin


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