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Quality Control Creates Jobs

With an Increase in Facilities for Quality Control, Engineers Have at their Command a Powerful Tool for the Creation of More Jobs and New Industries. Materials, Methods, and Machines All Contribute...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Alloys Beat the Heat

Brand-New Alloys, and Some Old Standbys from Other Fields, are the Key Materials of Turbosuperchargers, Gas Turbines, and Jet Engines. Long Held as Top War Secrets, Their Compositions and the Methods by Which They were Formed, are Now Revealed to the Industrial World...

By Fred P. Peters

'Huff Duff'

Instantaneous Direction-Finding Equipment, Perfected for Anti-Submarine Operations, Will Simplify Sea and Air Navigational Problems

By Keith Henney and John Markus

Premiums in Plastics

Advertising Specialties and Premiums are Big Business. Successful Use of these Mediums Means Meeting Unusual Requirements; Plastics are Often Naturals for the Job. Adaptable to Clever Designs, Permanent in Color, and Mass-Producable, Plastics have a Real Edge in this Field...

By Charles A. Breskin

Rust Not — Want Not

Of the Various Methods of Protection Against the Ravages of Corrosion, Inhibitive Treatment Offers Simplicity and Wide Applicability. Corrosion Control Now More Necessary Than Ever as Metals Supplies Dwindle...

By D. H. Killeffer

Research For Power

Aircraft Engines, Turbines, and Jets do not "Just Grow." Painstaking Research must Precede even Minor Advances, and Tomorrow's Supersonic Speeds Require Experimental Laboratories Undreamed of Yesterday...

By Alexander Klemin

‘Alloyed’ Oils

No Longer Dependent on any Particular Crudes for Top Quality Engine Oils, Lubricant Manufacturers Can Now Refine Severely, then Build Oils to Specific Jobs. Chemical Additives are the Answer...

By E. F. Lindsley and A. Bruce Boehm

Plastics Precede Production

Familiar to All in Their Manifold Applications as Finished Products, Plastics Aren't so Well Known as Highly Usable Experimental Materials. Here, on Inventor Plans with Plastics and Develops a Meat-Saving Germicidal Lamp Unit...

By Clark Simmons


  • 50 Years Ago, April 1946

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