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Partners of Light

Ideally Suited for Diffusers, Shields, Fixtures, and Glowing Radiant Panels, Plastics can Join with the Light Source Itself to Provide a Harmonious Lighting System. Strength, Light Weight, and Low Thermal Expansion All Contribute to Plastics' Growing Importance in this Field...

By Charles A. Breskin

Wooden Wealth

Raw Materials and the Ingenuity to Use Them are the Fundamental Wealth of a People. Depletion, a Constant Threat to Some Materials, Emphasizes the Potentialities of Wood as a Chemical Storehouse...

By Howard C. E. Johnson and D. H. Killeffer

Aircraft Radar

Often Hailed as a Cure-All for Commercial Aviation Difficulties, Radar Alone is Insufficient. It Must be Combined With Other Navigational Aids Before its Full Possibilities can be Realized...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

Speculum for Brightness

Electrodeposited Coatings of Speculum--an Alloy of Copper and Tin-- Give Good Tarnish and Wear Resistance. Speculum is Less Expensive to Apply than Silver or Chromium Plating and Cuts Labor Requirements Considerably...

By Fred P. Peters

Sell, Then Buy

Specialists, Familiar with All Phases of a Particular Process, and Fabricators, who Assemble and Sell, but are Not Manufacturers, are Supplementary Figures in Modern Industry. Interdependency, Mark of a Complex Civilization, Can Bring Better Products at Lower Cost...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Petroleum Process Products

From about Two Percent of the Crude Oil Produced Comes a Myriad of Little-Known Materials that Aid--In Proportions Far Exceeding Their Quantity--In the Production of Nearly Everything We Use, Eat, or Wear, Emulsified Waxes and Textile Oils Have Major Importance, Wide Use...

By E. F. Lindsley and John C. Dean

Aviation Engineering Emerges

Boosting Cooling-Air Flow with the Energy of Hot Exhaust Gases; Means of Making True Automatic Flight Commercially Possible; and Many Other New Ideas were Food for Discussion at a Recent Aeronautical Engineer's Meeting...

By Alexander Klemin

Color to Order

Development of a Paint Mixing and Matching System Provides a Means of Producing, from a Minimum Number of Stock Colors and Vehicles or Extenders, Any Desired Color of Paint, for Exterior or Interior Use, and in Flat, Semi-Gloss, or High-Gloss Finish...


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