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Joints in a Jiffy

Electronic Heating to Set Glued Joints Moves Wood-Products Assembly into the Mass-Production Class. Marked by Uniform Heat Throughout the Joint, High-Frequency Techniques Slash "Clamped-Up" Time, Cure Interior Glue Lines Without Danger of Over-Curing Near the Surface...

By John Markus and Keith Henney

Beryllium: Workaday Metal

Well-Established as a Practical Engineering Material, Beryllium has Shed its Cloak of Mystery. Expensive and Hard-to-Work in the Pure State, It Alloys with Other Metals to Provide Properties Otherwise Unobtainable...

By Fred P. Peters

Private Plane Prospects

With Many Design, Marketing, and Usage Questions Yet Unsettled, the Personal-Airplane Picture is Nevertheless Beginning to Clear. Industrial Users--Now Counted as the Best Market--Will Find a Wide Selection of Planes Adaptable to Nearly All Business Needs...

By Alexander Klemin

Factories on the Move

With Forethought and Planning that Rival the Best-Laid Strategies of Armies, Industry is Shifting to New Sites. Local Skills, Water Power, Climate, and Other Once-Vital Factors Yield to Emphasis on Markets, Tailored Transportation, and Community Outlook...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Chemical Crop Insurance

Like the Weather--Insects, Rodents, Weeds, and Other Crop Criminals have Long had Little Done About Them. Now, Spurred by War and Famine, Chemistry Turns Tongue-Twisting Terms in to Literally Down To-Earth Products that Protect Plan ts Against Nature's Scalawags...

By D. H. Killeffer and Howard C. E. Johnson

Molding Unlimited

Known by Various Names, Impression Molding Removes Many of the Barriers that Have Stood in the Way of Producing Plastics Products in Large Sizes. It Also Eliminates the Need for Expensive Molds and Heavy Machinery...

By Charles A. Breskin

Successor to the Sextant

Loran, a Far-Flung Mesh of Radio Position-Lines Marking the World Air and Sea Lanes like Numbered Streets and Avenues, Bids Fair to Supplant the Venerable Chronometer and Sextant with a Cathode-Ray Tube...

By Harland Manchester


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