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Processes Must Mature

To Evaluate Properly All the New Processes that Appear, Industrial Management Would Need a Crystal Ball. Next Best are Standardized Tests--Often Unestablished--and Long Experience, which Demand Time...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Industrial Hemstitcher

Closely Approaching a Sewing Machine for Metal, Resistance Welding has Multiple Advantages of Which High-Speed and Economy are Only Two. Spot Welds, Seam Welds, and Flash Welds are All Variants of the Resistance-Heat Theme...

By Fred P. Peters

Copper-Coated, Non-Aging Steel

Aluminum Has Advantages For Electrical Uses

By-Product Bonuses

Petroleum By-Products, Like Ordinary People Working Without Great Fanfare, Receive Scant Attention Because There are so Many of Them. But They do Their Jobs Well, and the Background of Many By-Products Hold Bright Stories of Careers Salvaged from Oil-Refinery Wastes...

By E. F. Lindsley and John C. Dean

East Coast Oil, Form Spreaders, and more

Still Sought in Secand Test Off Carolina Shores

Flying's Easier, Now

Private Aviation has Shed its Aura of Glamor, Now Aims at Sounder Business Based on Comfort, Safety, and Satisfied Customers. Better Training Methods Help; So do Easy-To-Fly Planes, and Lightening of Government Rules...

By Alexander Klemin

Anti-Friction, Changed Aircraft Rules

Bushings Give Free Reciprocating Action

Chemicals Grow on Trees

In Searching for an Answer to Their Marginal Economic Status, Wood Distillers have Uncovered Some Highly Interesting Wood-Tar Products. What Can be Done With Them, How to Recover Them, and Various Other Problems Make Question Marks of These Complex Chemicals...

By D. H. Killeffer

Insulating Board, Non-Metallic Magnets, and more

Resists Destructive Agents, Made at Low Cost

Sight at Night

Presaging Fulfillment of the Age-Old Desire to See Through Fog, Smoke and Dark, Come Reports of Infra-Red Beams that Penetrate 600 Feet of Blackness. Quite Simple and Inexpensive, Headlights Without Light, and Eyes that See Heat may Guide Trucks, Buses, and Airliners...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

Vacuum Systems, Liquid Level, and more

Checked for Leaks With Helium Gas

Pin-Ball Proving Ground

When Materials Stand Up Against the Ravages of Jive Fans, Irate Nickle Recoverers, and Table-Tilt Artists They've Got to be Tough. Coin-Machine Applications have Proved that Plastics can Endure Rough Treatment and still Retain Their Clean and Colorful Sales Appeal...

By Charles A Breskin

Expanded Plastics, Plastics Candies

Make Attractive Christmas Baubles

Diffusion Defeats Drafts

Coolers, Heaters, and Air Ducts are Not the Alpha and Omega of Industrial Air Conditioning. Diffusion--Without Drafts--From the Points of Discharge is Equally Important. Losses through Worker Discomfort and Illness May be Incurred by Overlooking this Function...

By Leonard R. Phillips

Helium-Shielded Arc, Lens Antenna, and more

Originated for Aircraft Welding, Now Available for General Use

Tool Tips, Modified Thermoplastic, and more

Brazed Rapidly and at Low Cost by Induction Heat


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