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Magnesium: Inexhaustible Metal

When Other Metals Reach the Economic Vanishing Point, the Seas Will Still Hold Unlimited Quantities of Magnesium. Today, this Remarkable Metal is Slowly Gaining in a Competitive Market. Its Strength, Machinability, and Lightness are Important Benefits

By Fred P. Peters

Aluminized Steel, Copper-Bearing, and more

Resistant to Corrosion, Reflects Heat Well

Is Soap Slipping?

Aided by the Fats Shortages of Two World Wars, "Soapless" Soaps are Moving in Rapidly on Tasks Long Regarded as Soap's Own Province: More than 300 Wetting Agents, Detergents, and Emulsifiers are Now Made. Many are Specialized; Others, General Purpose

By Howard C. E. Johnson and D. H. Killeffer

Buckwheat Drug, Rayon Fabrics

May Help Prevent Weakness of Blood Vessels

Pack it in Plastics

Packaging, the last Step in Production, is Often the All-Important First Step in Merchandising. Whether Precision Parts Need Protection, Or Elegant Dainties Call for Plus-Feature Packages, Plastics are Available in More than 30 Basic Types and Many Colors to Aid the Sale

By Charles A. Breskin

Cosmetic Bag, Plastics Horse, and more

Prevents Leakage, is Light and Flexible

Mechanized Wiring

Many Hand Operations in Wiring Various Electrical and Electronic Mechanisms Can be Eliminated by the Use of Sprayed Metal Coatings, Pre-Formed and Welded Harnesses, and Metallic Paints Applied Through Silk Screens. Costs Can be Reduced and Efficiency Increased

By Keith Henney and John Markus

Gas-Stove Generator, Coffee

Charges Batteries or Operates Radio Equipment

Fuel Oils have changed

Not so Dramatic as Some Petroleum Developments, but Holding a Vital Interest for Oil Heat Users, is the Current Transition to Better and Somewhat Different Cat-Cracked Fuel Oils. Efficient Heating Will Depend on Proper Adaptations of Present Burners to a New Oil Diet

By E. F. Lindsley and William A. Sullivan

Fuel Control, Pour Point

Gives Improved Diesel Performance

Machine Tools for Heating

To Apply Heat Where and When Wanted, and in Exactly the Right Amount, Has Long Been a Dream of Metal-Working Industries. Now Contoured Ceramics, High-Frequency Currents, Controlled-Atmosphere Furnaces, and Molten-Salt Baths Give Precision to Heating Processes

By Edwin Laird Cady

Steel Wool, Machine Scraps

Now Made from Stainless To Gain in Quality

Plane Sense and Safety

Analyzed in Terms of Accident Causes, Private Flying's Safety Record Clearly Shows the High Price of Recklessness. Sane Flight, However, is Relatively Safe. In a Determined Effort to Cut the Toll, Government and Industry Now Combine in an All-Out, Safe-Flying Campaign

By Alexander Klemin

Wind Tunnel, Aircraft Sound-Proofing, and more

Provides Test Conditions For Engines and Propellers

Powdered Coal

Vital Technical and Economic Significance Attaches to New Power Plant that Will First Challenge Diesel and Steam Power on the Rails. Of Prime Importance is the Promise of Saving Dwindling Oil Reserves. Further, it Will Eliminate Water Supply and Boiler Problems

By Harland Manchester

Accident Costs, Gap-Filling Glue, and more

Magnified Four Times by Indirect Losses

Portable Light, Auto Lacquer, and more

Is Fluorescent Type, Operates on Battery


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