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Oxygen for Industry

The Uses for Pure Oxygen in Industry have been Growing for Years--Now they are Growing Even Faster. To Meet the Demand for this Hard-Working Gas, New Methods of Transportation, Plant Distribution, and Even Manufacture Within the User's Plant are Steadily Being Developed...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Air Control, Precision Cooling, and more

Reduces Cost Through Precise Design

Take A Grain Of Sand

Chemical Marriage of Sand and Hydrogen has Produced a New Family--the Silicones. In Liquid, Rubber, or Resin Form, These Unique Hybrids Combine the Heat Resistance of Quartz with a Variety of Other Special Capabilities Including Water Repellency, Insulation, and Lubrication...

By D. H. Killeffer and Howard C. E. Johnson

Anodized Magnesium

Holds Paint, Resists Attack Like Aluminum

Tubing Without Troubles

An Electronic Sleuth Probes From Within Metal Tubing to Ferret Out Hidden Corrosion and Other Defects that Might Cause Serious Accidents and Production Losses. Good Tubing is Not Wasted Salvageable Tubing is Clearly Recorded by this Speedy, Non-Destructive Testing...

By Keith Henney and Vin Zeluff

Shoran Maps, St. Elmo's Fire, and more

Accurate to 10 Feet in 300 Miles, Made Electronically

Extrusions by Impact

For Certain Products--Particularly Those Requiring Tubular Shapes and Closed Ends--Impact Extrusion in a Fast, Simply Tooled Means of Fabrication. Its Essentials are Only a Punch, Die, and Press-but Its Potentialities Range from Collapsible Tubes to Aircraft Parts...

By Fred P. Peters and Herbert Chase

Steel-Aluminum Rivet, Plated Piston Rings

Heat-Treatable to Handle High Shear Loads

Plastics Stick Together

Joining Two or More Pieces of Plastics Together is Something Beyond a Gluing Job and It Just Misses Being Welding. Consequently, Many of the Methods Used are Not Universally Known. With Proper Techniques for the Plastics Involved, Strong, Clear Joints are the Rule...

By Charles A. Breskin

Plastics Re-Design, Dust Pan

Proves Need for Engineering On Non-Plastics Parts

Wax Against Water

Capable of Satisfying the Demanding Packaging Requirements of War, Plus Previously Unposed Problems of Protecting such Things as Frozen Foods, are the Waxes and Waxed Papers. Water Doesn't Penetrate Wax and Modern Waxes are Tough--Hence Give Efficient Protection...

By E. F. Lindsley and John C. Dean

Detergent Oils

May Cause Damage In Outboard Boat Engines

Pressed-Out Planes

Sounding a New Note in The Aviation Industry--Where High Costs are Legend--Is the Republic Seabee Amphibian. Capable of Carrying a Family-Sized Load in Automobile Comfort, This Land-or-Water Airplane Offers Much Utility and Good Performance at a Reasonable Cost...

By Alexander Klemin

Constellation Cowling, Long-Range Plane, and more

Opens Like Automobile Hood; Reduces Ground Time

Paint for Production

Industrial Buildings and Machinery, Painted in Carefully Chosen and Matched Colors, are Something More than Decorative. Tangible Boosts in Production, Safety Records, and Employee Morale are Usual Results; Bonuses are Cleaner Plants, Lower Upkeep Costs, Better Housekeeping...

By J. A. Meacham and The Staff

Atomic Power Plant, Artificial Limbs, and more

Now Designed for Experimental Uses

Speed Lathe, Insulating Window, and more

Retains Work by Action of Built-In Vacuum Pump


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