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Brightening the Surface

Complete Assemblies, Intricate Designs, Wire Articles, and a Host of Other Mechanical-Buffing Problems Can be Electrolytically Polished at Low Unit Cost. Particularly Practical is the Facility with Which This Method Adapts to Existing Electroplating-Production Equipment...

By Fred P. Peters

Stamped Motor Parts, Uniform Metal Powders, and more

Replace Castings for Light, Welded Unit

Plastics and Fires

Although No Longer Novel and Unfamiliar, Plastics Materials Have Met Occasional Opposition on the Grounds that They are Too Flammable and Raise Gas Hazards in Fires. Tests Disprove Such Views and Show that Plastics are No More Dangerous than Most Other Substances...

By Foster D. Snell

Plastics Oyster Shells, Colored Rubber, and more

Lighten Shipping Weight, House Live Oysters for Days

Moisture Meters Move Up

Portable, Quick-Indicating, and Inexpensive Instruments--that Shop How Wet, or Dry, a Material Really is--Take Guesswork Out of Jobs Ranging from Painting Walls Through Multi-Color Printing...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Handy Hydraulics, Actual Limits: Shop Limits

Come as Light, Portable Units to Multiply Manual Power

Ideas in the Air

Although Many Authorities State that Private Aviation is Progressing Nicely, Others Submit that the Pace is Plodding. The Latter Maintain the Path is Blocked by Designer-Manufacturer Reluctance to Move Out with...

By Alexander Klemin

Arrow-Like Wings, Aircraft Static

Represent New Approach to Compressibility Problems

Electrons Guide the Loom

Although an Ancient Art, Textile Making is finding in Electronics a Wealth of New and Better Methods to Produce Flawless Fabrics and Keep Complex Mill Machinery Running Smoothly Without Breakdown...

By Vin Zeluff

Plant-Truck "Intercoms," Aluminum Welding

Boost Efficiency of Hauling Operations, Reduce Confusion

Covering Up with Plastics

Possessing a Trio of Virtues--Beauty, Durability, and Easy Handling in Fabrication--Vinyl Covering Materials are Proving Themselves to Be Husky Competitors in the Upholstery and Protective-Covering Field...

By Charles A. Breskin

Structural Plastics, Plastics Hinges

Need No Timber Support, Hampered by Building Codes

Oil Heat for Industry

For Quick, Flexible Heat and Convenient Handling and Storage, Heavy Residual Fuel Oils are Unmatched. Automatic Controls, Now Improved By Electronic Systems, Relegate Furnace Firing to a Secondary Place that Permits Closer Attention to the Actual Processing Work In Hand...

By John Smith

Piston-Ring Oiling, Synthetic Fuels and Oils

Studied Under Operating Conditions In Glass Engine

New Vitamin C for Old

In This Best-Fed Nation in the World, One-Third to One-Half of the Population Lacks. Vitamin C. This Vital Food Element--Essential for Vigor and Efficiency--Is Now Available in a New Synthetic Form that Eliminates Undesirable Reactions Common to the Older Ascorbic Acid...

By Barclay Moon Newman

Parts Washer, Steel on Farms, and more

Insures Thoroughly Clean Units for Diesel Assembly

Dial Gage, Liquid Soap, and more

Integral Part of File Inspection Unit


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