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Industry Embraces Weldments

Full Advantage Can be Taken of All Metal-Fabrication Methods and of Desirable Characteristics of Metals Themslves. Weldments Reduce the Need for Complicated Castings and Intricate Machining...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Fiberglass Use, In-Plant Teletype, and more

Expands Where Heat and Chemical Resistance's Needed

High Pressure Plastics

Standing On an Enviable 30-Year Record, The High-Pressure laminates Look Forward to Continued Large Markets and Even Wider Use. Durable, Laminates Combine Technical and Decorative Advantages...

By Charles A. Breskin

Railcoach Rejuvenated, Plastics Fabrics, and more

With Plastics Panels in Modern Colors

Electrostatic Painting

"Overspray Waste" and "Blisters or Tears" have Long Remained Bugaboos in Industrial Finishing. Electronic Equipment that Sets Up Charges To Draw Paint to Article Now Minimizes Overspray; Similar Devices, Working in Reverse, Remove Excess Paint and Prevent Unsightly Tears...

By Vin Zeluff

Slide-Fastener Reliability, Miniature Rectifier, and more

Improved by Electronic Control In Manufacturing Process

Must Flying be a "Racket"?

Aviation, Now Finding Itself a Noisy and Unwanted Neighbor in Many Communities, is Starting a Search for Ways and Means to Silence the Roar and Clamor That, Continued, Might Cost the Industry Heavily...

By Alexander Klemin

Coming Changes in Metal-Economics

Survey of Trends in the Metals Field Indicates Wholesale Design Changes and a Complete Readjustment of the Thinking Which has Recently Dominated Procurement and Application of Industrial Metals...

By Fred P. Peters

Tantalum, Ceramic-Coated Steel, and more

Found in North America, Will be Available for More Uses

Atomic-Bomb by-Products

Nuclear Knowledge, Even In Its Present Stage, Embraces a Wealth of Practical, Usable Material. Industry Will Benefit--of This There Is No Doubt. Decentralization, Based on Atomic Power Plants Where Ordinary Power Plants Cannot Go, May be One Important Ramification...

By Howard C. E. Johnson

Fluorine, Wild Ginger Germicides, and more

Marketed for First Time--In Pressure Cylinders

Paper Gets Webbed Feet

Paper's Renowned Weaknesses When Wet have Long Prevented Its Use In Many Packaging Applications. Now, the Additipn of Resins to Pulps Permits the Manufacture of Bags that Can Go Swimming if Necessary...

By Warren L. Bassett

Radiant Murals, Color Change, and more

Use Plastics "Light-Piping" Ability to Achieve Effects

Silicone Oil, Heavy Tires, and more

Speeds Molding of Mica Electrical Parts


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