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Little Shakers Test Big Structures

Vibration Effects, Sometimes Revealed by Structural Failures, and Always Hard to Evaluate In Design, Are Accurately and Safely Tested by Electromagnetic Vibrators. With These Units, Forces of Controlled Amplitude and Frequency are Conveniently Used on Critical Members...

By John Markus

Television Color, High-Frequency Stove, and more

Transmitted Electronically in Laboratory Demonstration

Taking the Stress out of Styrene

Annealing Polystyrene Plastics Parts Requires a Simple but Specific Technique. Controlled-Cycle Water Baths and Fixed-Temperature Ovens are Practical if Results are Checked By the Kerosine Test...

By Charles A. Breskin

Wipe-Clean Cloth, Plastics-Bonded Abrasives, and more

Owes Properties to Plastics Finish, Does Not Glisten

Electroforming for Precision

When Production Quantities of Accurately Contoured Parts are Needed, And Finishes are Specified in Micro-Inches, the Answer May Be Electroforming. Unusual Metal Density is Added Feature

By H. R. Clauser

Super-Alloy, Phone line Sheaths, and more

Promises Unusual Results in Brass-Casting Dies

Apprenticeship vs Mechanization

Damned by Some and Praised by Others, the Old Apprentice System Had Much in Its Favor--For Those Times and Machines. Modern Equipment Does Automatically Much of What Apprentices Learned to Do by Skill; Efficient Training Now Takes Days Instead of Years...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Better Fire Brick

Step Up Furnace Production, Save on Fuel

A New Diet for Diesels?

The Slow-Speed Predecessors of Today's Ubiquitous High-Speed Diesels Could, and Often Did, Burn Almost Anything. Now the Sound and Fury of Diesel-Fuel Evaluation is at a Peak. As Usual in Such Cases, the Answer is a Compromise of Technical, Economic, and Practical Factors...

By Marshall J. Waters

Premium Oil, Cold-Weather Fuels, and more

Cleans Engine, Keeps It Clean, Improves Performance

Soaps that Wash Nothing

By D.H. Killeffer

Ship Fouling, Cesium-Vapor Lamps, and more

May be Reduced by Changing Electrical Charge

Pipe with a Future

Asbestos-Cement Pipe, In Addition to Being Highly Resistant to UnderGround Corrosion, Is Free of Tuberculation and Excessive Ground-Water Infiltration. Added Up, These Features Mean Long Useful Life...

By Jerome Campbell

Continuous Rail, Coal Mine Hazards, and more

Increases Life of Rolling Stock; Wider Use Expected

Radiation Calculator, Industrial Cleaners, and more

Eliminates Tedious Figuring in Planning Heating Systems


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