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Ray-Tracer of Atomic Fission

Developed 40 Years Ago as a Tool of Pure Science Research, the Geiger Counter Is Just Now Coming Into Its Own. Coupled With Man- Made Radioactive Materials It can Locate Insidious Cancer for the Surgeon's Blade, Point Out Potential Oil Pools Deep in the Earth, Stand Watch In Steel Mills, or Trace Chemicals Through Complex Processes...

By Samuel Burger

Air-Cleaning Efficiency Tested Electronically

Eliminating the Human Element, Vacuum Tubes Give Instant and Accurate Evaluation of Dust-Removal Equipment

By Vin Zeluff

Dishwasher Soap, Electronic Dynamometer

Kept at Proper Level by Electronically Controlled Valve; Puts Production-Line Car Engines Through Paces Quickly

Fugitive Fluorine Works for Industry

Chemists Have Finally Succeeded in Taming Fluorine, the Most Unruly of the Elements. Now this Corrosive Gas Is the Principal Building Block of New Plastics, Lubricants, Insecticides, Fire Extinguishers, and a Potentially Large Host of Other Useful Materials...

By Howard C. E. Johnson

Uranium Metal, Iso-Octane Solvent

Suggested as Monetary Standard with True Value; Is One New Use For Reference-Fuel Now Surplus

Aluminum Advances on all Fronts

Expanded Production Facilities, Lower Costs, Higher Strengths, and a Wide Range of New and Improved Alloys are Rapidly Opening New Markets. Uses Ranging from Door Keys to Railroad Cars Promise to Make Aluminum the Number One Nonferrous Metal of the Future...

By Fred P. Peters

Drawing Stainless

Without Tearing or Shearing

Plastics on Wheels

All-Plastics Automobile Bodies are Still Largely in the "Talk" Stage, but New Laminated Plastics Panels are now Being Produced Fast Enough to Keep Up with Operations on One Station-Wagon Assembly Line...

By Charles A. Breskin

Pilots to Profits

Reducing the Time Gap Between Conception and Production, Pilot Plants Can Also be Profitable in Themselves. Flexibility of Pilot Plant Equipment Permits It to be Equally Valuable Whether Used in the Plant Laboratory or on the Active Production Line...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Abrasive Blasters, Steel Troubles

Separate Worn Grit By Washing-Out Process; Stem from Alloys Found in Scrap

Flying For Business

Personnel Transportation by Air Can be Achieved at Low Cost With Plane Designed for General Business Purposes. Economy, Through Time Saving, May Extend to Even Employees in the Lower Salary Brackets...

Cars for 1950, Steel Temperature, and more

Now in Plan Stage, Have Genuine Innovations; Measured i n Furnace By Water-Cooled Pyrometer

Vibration Meter, Fabric-Spring Tubing, and more

Measures Displacement,Velocity, and Acceleration; Provides Light, Flexible Duct for Gases or Solids


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