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Brazil: A Coming Industrial Empire

With an Industrial History Going Back Only a Relatively Few Years, this Huge South American Country Promises to Contribute Greatly to Technological Progress of the World. A Survey of Natural Resources, Present Industrial Achievements .....

By A. P. Peck

Precision Forgings

Born As the Solution to a War Production Problem, the Precision Forging Process Makes Possible Mass-Production of MetalParts to Editor-in-Chief. Materials Methods Precise Dimensions with a Minimum of Machine-Finishing Required...

By Fred P. Peters

Rolling Magnesium, Contact Alloys

On Continuous Strip Mill Proves Mass-Production Possible, Substitute for Precious Metals, May Prove Superior

Job Rating for Square Dealing

Through Objective Study, Every Job in a Plant May be Accurately Evaluated. With an Incentive Created, the More Experienced Worker Selects a More Difficult Task Where His Superior Skill and Knowledge Pay Off...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Flexible-Shaft Life, Friction Sawing, and more

Increased Greatly by Stainless-Steel Layer, Operates on Unknown Bases

What Plastics Mean to Plywood

All But Unknown Twenty Years Ago, the Plastics-Bonded Plywoods Are Taking Their Place Along Side Conventional Structural Materials, Equalling or Surpassing Them in Strength, Durability, and Beauty...

By Charles A. Breskin

Mottled Sheeting, Plexiglas Canopy, and more

Is Made from Salvaged Plastics, Covers and Protects Convertible's Top

Metals Plus Hydrogen

Produced Commercially Only During the Last Ten Years, the Metal Hydrides are Rapidly Gaining Stature Among Industry's Most Versatile Compounds. Although Their Full Potentialities are Still Uncertain, They Have Already Found Many Applications in Such Varied Roles as a Copious Hydrogen Producer and an Amazingly Effective Drying Agent...

By Howard C. E. Johnson

Fungus on Optics

Prevented by Radio-Active Metal-Foil Strips

Electronic Insurance in the Shop

Machine and Tool Jamming, in Addition to Endangering the Operator, Can Cause No End of Costly Destruction. But by Application of Simple Electronic Circuits, These Mishaps Can Be Virtually Eliminated...

By John Markus

Audio Filter, Electronic Eyesight, and more

Supresses Static And Needle Scratch, Allows Blind to Read Letters By Sound Signals

Instrumentation, Measurement, and Control

Papers Presented at the First National Instrument Conference Set the Pace for Profitable Research by All Industry

By Alexander Klemin

Atom-Powered City, Portable Induction Phone, and more

Predicted by Chemist In Ten Years, Permits Constant Communication Between Railroad Men

Collet Fixture, Heat-Stable Resin, and more

Speeds Operations on Plain Grinder, Provides Waterproof Binding For Inorganic Materials


  • 50 Years Ago, March 1947

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