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Tough Alloys Cut Like Cheese

Until Recently, All Attempts to Apply Conventional High-Temperature Cutting Techniques to the More Refractory Metals Resulted In Slow, Ragged Cuts. Now, However, With Newly Developed Methods, Many of These Metals Can Be Cleanly Cut on a Real Production Basis...

By Fred P. Peters

Gallium Thermometer, Flat Wire, and more

Measures High Temperatures Directly

Batching by Electronics

Overcoming Many of the Limitations of Purely Mechanical Counting Methods, Electronic Devices Can Sort Count, Batch, and Totalize at Speeds as High as 15,000 Units per Minute with Incontestable Accuracy...

By Vin Zeluff

Foundry Cores, Continuous Wire Measurer, and more

Baked Uniformly by Electronic Method

Chemists Fight for Food, Forage, Fiber

How Can Full Use be Made of Available Agents for Protection of Crops Against Destruction by Insects and Disease? Can Government-Sponsored Research Give the Answer?

By D. H. Killeffer

Cotton Production, Textile Dressings, and more

More Efficient Because of Machinery-Chemical Teamwork

Plastics in Sheets

A New Method of Producing Low-Pressure Thermoplastics Laminates, Plus Relatively Low Overall Costs, May Point the Way to Expanded Uses for these Colorful, Durable, and Easily Formed Materials...

By Charles A. Breskin

Plastics Compounded--While You Wait

Using a Recently Developed Process, a Fabricator can Prepare His Own Molding Materials in a Single Operation, Without the Aid of a Chemist

Plastics Decorating, Plastics-Coated Mesh

Accomplished by Sand-Blast And "Wiped-In" Colors; Proves Versatile In Home and Industry

Salt Baths For Metals

LOOKING AHEAD—Wastage of metals in processing considerably reduced by elimination of scaling. . . Harder but less brittle steel produced at a lower cost. . . Perfection of uniform case-hardening...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Plug Welding, Fast-Acting Furnaces

Found Profitable When Casting Defects Are Planned

Pictures in 60 Seconds

By Violating One of the Basic Rules of Photo-Finishing, a Method has been Perfected for Exposing a Photographic Film and Obtaining a Finished, Dry Print Within One Minute. No Darkroom is Needed...

By Harland Manchester

Rock Drilling With Flame

High Temperatures, Produced by Burning a Flux-Bearing Fuel in Oxygen, Melt Rock or Cause it To Spall or Flake. Process Reduces Mining Costs

Air Drying for Preservation

Storage of Materials and Equipment, Without Loss Through Corrosion or Other Moisture-Caused Deterioration, Now Possible Through Use of Equipment Originally Designed for Protection of Inactive Naval Vessels...

Germicidal Lamps, Turbine Blades, and more

Installed in Schools, Cut Rate of Absences

Salvage Tool, Steel Baseboard Trim, and more

Enables Split-free Reclamation of Lumber


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