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Better Vision Boosts Production

By Adopting Plant-Wide Vision-Testing Programs, and by Applying Corrective Aids Wherever They Are Found to Be Necessary, the Vision of Workers Can Be Brought to the Optimum. Results Will Include Better Quality Output, Greater Worker Comfort, Reduction of Accidents...

By Allen C. Holland

Processes have Families

Significant Industrial Developments Invariably Initiate Great Series of Inventions, Refinements, and Modifications. So Broad May be the Scope That Ultimately Not a Corner of Industry is Unaffected...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Hydraulic Accumulators

Designed for Aircraft, Find Wide Industrial Uses

Demobilized Microwaves

Microwaves, Having Long Been Publicized as One of Our Greatest Military Tools, Are Now Finding Their Place in Civilian Industry. Here They Are Adding New Techniques to Established Electrostatic Heating Methods, Lending New Speed and Efficiency, Opening New Uses...

By Vin Zeluff

Electronic Drive, See-Saw Bed and more

Provides Step less Speed Control for Printing Presses

Coats Make the Product

In a Great Many Instances, the Qualities of the Plastics Coating, Rather Than Those of the Base Material, Are Responsible for a Product's Serviceability

By Charles A. Breskin

Polyethylene Bags, Resin Adhesive, and more

Insure Maximum Freshness For Frozen Foods

Glycerine and Glycols Gain Ground

Polyhydric Alcohols, Soon to Be Made Greatly More Abundant by the Construction of New Manufacturing Facilities, Are Rapidly Increasing in Industrial Importance. They are Used in Such Diversified Products as Dehumidification Agents, Resins, and Insect Repellents...

By Howard C. E. Johnson

Agricultural Fungicide, Vinyl Ethers

Serve as Plasticizers, Adhesives, and Pharmaceuticals

Deep Draws with Hot Magnesium

When Raised to the Proper Temperature, Magnesium Develops Singular Workability. With it, a Fabricator is Able to Accomplish in One Draw What Would Require a Series of Operations With Many Other Metals...

By Fred P. Peters

Aluminum Welded, Printed Silver, and more

By Processes Using Air, Heat, and Dies

Micro-Hardness Testing

New Knowledge of Steels of Definite Hardness and Toughness is Being Gained Through the Application of Techniques Which Measure Characteristics of a Single Grain of Metal

Artificial Legs, Lightweight Motors, and more

Tested Under Accelerated Conditions

Self-Soldering Tape, Shrinkproof Rayons, and more

Supplies Own Heat, Needs Neither Torch Nor Iron


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