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Science Reaches Upward

Recent Scientific Developments Have at Last Opened for Exploration The Vast Fields of Untapped Resources Which Lie Skyward. From the Air, From the Stratosphere, From Even the Moon and Planets, Man Will Gain Knowledge Hitherto Undreamed-Of...

By Brigadier General and David Sarnoff

New Fields for Stainless

Expanded Production of Stainless Steels, Coupled With the Development of New Types Having Improved Properties, is Bringing this Group of Metals to a Position of Ever Increasing Industrial Importance...

By Fred P. Peters

Plastics in Paints

Paints, Varnishes, and Similar Wood Surface Coatings With Synthetic Resin Bases Can Be Formulated To Meet Requirements of Specific Applications. The Resultant Coats Offer a High Degree of Protection, Beauty, and Durability...

By Charles A. Breskin

When Metal Atoms Wander

Recognition of the Importance of Time as an Element in Metal Working Is Giving Rise to Theories Regarding the Action of Atoms When Subjected to Heat and Pressure. New Techniques Are Growing Out of These Theories...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Fuels of the Future For Reciprocating Automotive and Aircraft Engines

Editor's Note The accompanying article is the first of four, adapted by permission from papers presented at a recent Standard Oil Development Company seminar on Fuels of the Future. Each paper deals with different phases of fuels for engines of types now in use, under development, or projected...

By Albert J. Blackwood

Soaps in Reverse

Used in Ever-Increasing Volumes, Ammonium Quaternaries with Their Unusual Germ-Dissolving Properties Have Shown Themselves Superior in Many Ways to Conventional Materials in The Disinfecting and Sanitizing Fields...

By Howard C. E. Johnson.

Metals Through the Microscope

Editor's Note The accompanying article is the first of a series dealing with industrial applications of photography in all its phases. These articles will be designed to show our readers how the principles of photography can be utilized in a wide variety of industries and in locations ranging from the research laboratory, to the training school, and to the production line...

By Peter R. Lewis


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