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Mass-Production Wiring

Electronics, Which Has So Greatly Aided in Speeding Production in Many Industries, is Only Now Beginning To Rid Itself of Its Own Wasteful and Antiquated Assembly Methods. Mechanized Wiring Techniques Promise to Bring True Assembly-Line Methods to the Manufacture of Electronic Equipment of All Types...

By Vin Zeluff

Expanding Fields for Expanded Plastics

Rigid or Non-Rigid, Cellular Plastics Have High Strength-Weight Ratios and Many Possible Applications, Especially if Prices Can be Made More Competitive

By Charles A. Breskin

Fuels of the Future: For Ram-Jet Motors

Editor's Note: The accompanying article is the third of four, adapted by permission from papers presented at a recent Standard Oil Development Company seminar on Fuels of the Future. Each paper deals with different phases of fuels for engines of types now in use, under development, or projected...

By F. W. Schumacher

Hydraulic Bulging

Forms Metal Cylinders Larger Through Body Than Neck

Oil Field Analysis

By Following Tracer Through Sample Core With X-Ray

New Vinyl Uses

Include Fishing Tackle Cases, Axe Sheaths


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