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Wool + Heat + Pressure = Felt

Felt, Most Ancient of Textiles, Has Become an Important Material of Modern Engineering. Covering a Wide Range of Characteristics, Felts Are Now Available for Fabricating a Great Variety of End Products...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Elasticity Explained

Investigations With the Ultramicroscope Have Proved Visually that Elasticity is No Monopoly of Just a Few Substances. Molecular Weight Distribution is Important and Realization of This Has Already Resulted in Improvement in the Elasticity of Synthetic Rubber...

By Ernst A. Hauser and Desiree S. Le Beau

Putting Plastics in Its Place

Misapplication of Plastics During Recent Years Has Led to a Long Procession of Wholly Unsatisfactory Products, With a Noticeable Loss of Faith in Plastics by Consumers as a Result. This Can Be Corrected Only by Applying Sound Engineering Practices to Plastics Fabrication -By Assuring Right Plastics for the Right Job...

Co-Operation Hits Corrosion

Competitors Working Hand in Hand Are Carrying on Extensive Studies Aimed at Breaking Through the Barrier of Question Marks Which Surrounds the Corrosion Characteristics of Metals. Information Thus Gained is Aiding the Co-Operating Manufacturers to Turn Out Better Products More Economically...

By T. C. Du Mond

Electrons Guide the Cutting Torch

A Photoelectric Tracer, Reading Directly From an Inexpensive Drawing, Controls the Oxyacetylene Torch to Cut From Any Pattern

By T. H. Ayling

Baking Under the Microscope

Taken Through the Microscope, a Full Color Motion Picture of a Paper-Thin Cake Being Baked in a Miniature Oven Reveals Secrets Which Spell the Difference Between Baking Success or Failure...

By Sara H. Carleton

Improved Catalysts

Developed By Electro-Magnetic Process


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: November 1947

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