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One Third of Wood

Cellulose and Lignin Are the Main Chemical Constituents of Wood. Cellulose Has a Vast Variety of Uses. Lignin Has Relatively Few . Second of Two Articles Describing Problems and Progress in the Utilization of Lignin...

By Egon Glesinger

Tubes in Manufacturing

Tubing Today is Much More Than Pipe. Among Other Things it is Becoming a Stock as Basic Sheets or Bars

By Edwin Laird Cady

The Arrival of Polystyrene

During the War the U. S. Created Capacity To Make Styrene, Key Ingredient of One Kind of Synthetic Rubber. Now Styrene is Built Up To Polystyrene, Presenting Industry With Large Quantities of a Cheap and Versatile Plastic...

By James R. Turnbull

The Domain of Radio Frequency Heating

Another New Technology has Become One of Industry's Accepted Tools. A Review of its Principles and Applications

By T. P. Kinn

Nuclear Photography

The Photographic Plate Has Become the Smallest Laboratory in the World. One Plate Can Record Thousands of Atomic Disintegrations Over Many Weeks. A Team of English Scientists Pioneers In Using This Method for Study of Cosmic Rays...

By A. W. Haslett

Lubricants for Electric Motors

Motor Life is Often Shortened by the Wrong Bearing Greases. Functional Tests for Bearing Greases are Therefore Necessary

By H. A. McConville

Television Observation, Midget X-Ray Tube

Plastics Tested

Fastest Motion Picture Camera


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: February 1948

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