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The National Science Foundation

Its momentous responsibility will be to assist the fundamental research which is essential to human progress

By Alfred Winslow Jones

Histoplasmosis: The Unknown Infection

The mild form of a fatal fungus disease appears to be spreading in the U. S. Its lesions are much like those of tuberculosis, complicating diagnosis.

By Martin Gumpert

The Army Ant

This explanation of how the creature conducts its complicated social life clearly distinguishes ants from men

By Gerard Piel and T. C. Schneirla

The Ultimate Particles

Presenting a comprehensive review of what is known thus far about the fundamental units of matter and the forces that play among them in the atom's core

By George W. Gray

The Biology of Old Age

Senescence and death, which to man seem unavoidable, are not the rule among all species of living things

By Florence Moog

"If a Slave Girl Fled..."

Being an account of how the law code of Lipit-Ishtar, a Sumerian king who ruled 19 centuries before Christ, was found to antedate the code of the great Hammurabi

By Francis R. Steele

White Pine

Once king of the primeval forests from Maine to Minnesota, the noble conifer has exerted a powerful influence in American history

By Donald Culross Peattie

Srinivasa Ramanujan

The "profound and invincible originality" of the obscure Hindu mathematician who died in 1920 made possible one of the most prodigious feats in the history of human thought

By James R. Newman


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