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Recovery of Europe

A UN survey presents the balance sheet: Despite its remarkable postwar comeback, the Continent must yet find a way to reduce its $7.5 billion import deficit

Antiquity of Modern Man

The discovery of a broken skull in a French cave proves, after a long debate, that Homo sapiens walked the earth with Neanderthalers

By Loren C. Eiseley

Galaxies in Flight

If the island universes are indeed racing away from one another, the fact may shed light on the primordial formation of nuclei and atoms

By George Gamow

Allergy: A Definition

The original meaning of the word has been obscured by the unpleasant reactions associated with it. Without allergy, in fact, the human species could not survive

By Bela Schick

Physics and Music

The agreeable sound of simple melodies and Beethoven symphonies is guided by physical rules, plus a little physiology and psychology. The understanding of these principles can enhance musical creation and enjoyment...

By Frederick A. Saunders

Insect Vision

The compound eye of this vast living order, the practical solution to a difficult optical problem, reproduces a world of coarse images

By Lorus J. and Margery J. Milne

The Beginnings of Coal

The remains of strange and beautiful plants have preserved solar energy of the geologic past for the uses of man

By Raymond E. Janssen

The Philips Air Engine

The renascence of a forgotten idea has presented our technology with a remarkable new prime mover. Its main advantages: efficiency and independence of special fuels

By Leonard Engel


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