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Public Opinion Polls

Why did they fail? A leading authority assays their weaknesses and suggests some tested new techniques that would improve their accuracy

By Rensis Likert

A Crisis in U.S. Archaeology

The damming of rivers will shortly flood the valleys where lived the aboriginal Americans. Archaeologists must work fast to save what they can of the remains

By Frank H. H. Roberts

The Navigation of Birds

How do they find their way in their vast migrations over land and water? Some new evidence on an old mystery

By Donald R. Griffin


They are the catalysts of life. Long known for their ability to turn sugar into alcohol, they engineer a host of other biochemical reactions

By John E. Pfeiffer

On the Development of Cancer

Transplanting tissue from one species to the eye of another yields a new insight into the nature of the malignant process

By Harry S. N. Greene

Stone Age Mathematics

The earliest comprehension of number and geometry appears to go back farther than the time of the Egyptians and Babylonians

By Dirk J. Struik

Alcoholics and Metabolism

Individuality, points out the author, has a basis in biochemistry. The study of such variations may help in determining what creates compulsive drinkers

By Roger J. Williams


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