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Cancer and Environment

Scientific and technological progress have exposed man to new physical and chemical agents. Some are believed associated with the rise of cancer as a cause of death

By Groff Conklin

The Arrival of Acetylene

The Germans developed remarkable new processes to utilize the reactive gas. These processes and some others may soon make it a powerful constituent of the U.S. chemical industry

By Herbert Yahraes

The Oedipus Myth

Sigmund Freud felt that it reflected a basic structure of human relationships. The author presents a new theory of the Oedipus complex based on Sophocles' great dramas

By Erich Fromm

The Upper Atmosphere

Above the thin layer of dense air in which we live is a great mantle of dispersed atoms and molecules swept by the ceaseless bombardments of outer space

By David I. Blumenstock

The Invention of Analytic Geometry

It is generally attributed to the great Descartes, but its development goes back as far as attempts to solve the famous riddle of the oracle at Delos

By Carl B. Boyer

Mapping Mount McKinley

Highest peak in North America was scaled by survey party to locate its features accurately

By Bradford Washburn

The Record of Human Illness

The study of bones indicates that uncivilized man's life was not a perfect idyll of health. He suffered a respectable assortment of diseases and disabilities

By Wilton M. Krogman


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