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Social Medicine

The causes of disease are not entirely physical and biological. This relatively new discipline is presently exploring the sociological factors

By Brock Chisholm

The Aec's Isotopes

Presenting a complete list of the nuclear species available for the researches of peace


Far more versatile than penicillin or streptomycin, the new antibiotic has already been found effective against an astonishing variety of bacterial and viral diseases

By Leo and Dora S. Rane

Submarine Canyons

Cut into the drowned shelves of the continents are some of the world's deepest gorges. A California investigator describes his work and its bold geological implication

By Francis P. Shepard

Greek Astronomy

How the imaginative Hellenic philosophers found the solar system and then lost it is one of the enthralling stories of early scientific thinking

By George de Santillana

Titanium: A New Metal

Nearly as strong as steel but only half as heavy, it will soon join iron and aluminum, metallurgists believe, as one of the three most important metals

By George A. W. Boehm

The Evolution of Sex

Has it outlived its usefulness to the species Homo sapiens? A biologist speculates on the origin and significance of the two-sex system

By Paul A. Zahl


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: April 1949

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