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A Study of Attitudes

The psychology of U. S. soldiers was thoroughly explored during the war. The findings suggest some rich leads for peacetime social research

By Samuel A. Stouffer

Pauling and Beadle

Two investigators at the California Institute of Technology have laid the groundwork for an unusual partnership of chemistry and biology

By George W. Gray

The Theory of Games

From it is being forged a new tool for the analysis of social and economic behavior. The new approach already has shown its superiority to classical economic theory

By Oskar Morgenstern


The historic method of propulsion is also the most modern. The central problem is fuel, the development of which may presently liberate man from the earth

By Willy Ley

Plant Hormones

Like animal hormones, they achieve powerful effects at a distance from their point of origin. Presenting a review of how they have been studied and applied

By Victor Schocken

The Nature of Dreams

Do they express the dreamer's irrational strivings, as Freud contended? Not necessarily, says a modern analyst, suggesting a new interpretation of them

By Erich Fromm

Living Records of the Ice Age

The missing snakes of Ireland, the peat of the English Channel and the fishes of Great Salt Lake are among the biogeographer's clues to the events of the Pleistocene

By Edward S. Deevey

The Athabaska Tar Sands

They hold one of the world's great collections of oil. The studies of a practical process for extracting it are making encouraging progress

By Karl A. Clark


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