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National Health Insurance

The proposal now before Congress has generated more heat than light. What is it, and what are the alternatives its opponents have proposed?

By Michael M. Davis

The Blister Hypothesis

Huge pockets of hot rock below the earth's surface may account for many of its features. A geologist reviews his theory, notably in regard to mountains

By C. W. Wolfe

Muscle Research

The contractile tissue has many remarkable characteristics. Not the least of them is its usefulness in the investigation of life itself

By A. Szent-Gyorgyi

Low Temperature Physics

At normal temperatures matter is in ceaseless thermal motion. Physicists have accordingly reduced it almost to absolute zero to expose some subtle properties that are otherwise obscured

By Harry M. Davis

Ancient Slavery

In Greece and Rome the institution took many interesting forms that have been obscured by the more recent memory of slavery in the U. S.

By William Linn Westermann

The Social Amoebae

The independent cells of Dictyostelium periodically gather into an organism of many cells. The study of this peculiar phenomenon is a felicitous example of the scientific method

By John Tyler Bonner

Trapped Light

Zarem camera freezes reflections of a beam of light as it speeds away from the shutter

The Prevention of Murder

It might have been possible in the case of Robert Irwin. Society did not accept the responsibility, but it insisted that the murderer accept the blame

By Fredric Wertham


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