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The Mathematics of Communication

An important new theory is based on the statistical character of language. In it the concept of entropy is closely linked with the concept of information

By Warren Weaver

Allergic Mechanisms in Nervous Disease

When monkeys are injected with their own brain tissue they develop neurological disorders. This remarkable fact raises the question of whether a similar process may occur in man

By Elvin A. Kabat

The Craters of the Moon

The classical debate over their origin is gradually being resolved. The author sets forth his summary of the meteorite theory

By Ralph B. Baldwin

The Atomic Energy Commission

Under the baleful shadow of bomb politics, it is making halting progress toward the goal of constructive uses for atomic energy. A report on the vast AEC enterprise

By Leon Svirsky

Schizophrenia and Stress

A report on the significant new finding that schizoid patients are unable to vary their production of some hormones to adjust to the varying situations of life

By Hudson Hoagland

Louis Agassiz

The great Swiss biologist had two careers. The second, which began with his arrival in the U. S., did much to awaken the American people to the importance of science

By Alfred Sherwood Romer

The Physiology of Whales

As man has learned to dive deeper and deeper, he has taken an increasing interest in the remarkable diving abilities of the great oceangoing mammals

By Cecil K. Drinker


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