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Woods Hole in 1949

The Cape Cod resort is the summer capital of biology. This year, as usual, the pleasant ferment of the Marine Biological Laboratory has produced some noteworthy work

By John E. Pfeiffer


It is not one but many diseases. Some dangerous epidemic forms of it are caused by viruses living in an intricate sequence of other organisms, including the horse and man

By William McD. Hammon

Infant Speech

The meaningless cries of babies fall into some remarkably meaningful patterns, the study of which shows differences among girls and boys and children of various environments

By Orvis C. Irwin

Radio Astronomy

The earth constantly receives broadcasts from the sun and the Milky Way. Yet the waves from the Milky Way are too strong to come from stars like the sun

By Grote Reber

Psychiatric Films

Three fine Canadian documentaries portray the problems of rejection, hostility and excessive dependence


The great Russian physiologist was born 100 years ago this month. He caused dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell, and brought together physiology and psychology

By Jerzy Konorski

Enzymes in Teams

Biochemists have traditionally labored to isolate and observe individual enzymes. The author describes significant new work which indicates that these biological catalysts act in concert...

By David E. Green

The Plants of Krakatoa

When the volcanic island exploded in 1883, its life was completely extinguished. Botanists have since observed a unique natural experiment in the propagation of plants

By F. W. Went


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