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Arms Race v. Control

Does the atomic explosion in Russia require the U.S. to modify its position in regard to the international control of atomic energy?

By Chester I. Barnard

Shock Waves

The phenomenon is observed when gases are violently disturbed by explosions, missiles or machines. It is studied for both practical and theoretical reasons

By Otto Laporte

The Ape-Men

During the past 25 years the fossil remains of a whole group of creatures between apes and men have been found in South Africa. A personal account of the discoveries

By Robert Broom

Five Historic Photographs from Palomar

Presenting a portfolio of noteworthy plates made with the 200-inch mirror before it was dismounted from the Hale telescope for its final retouching

By Edwin P. Hubble

Visit to England

Being an account of the author's call upon the group of noted physicists at the universities of Manchester and Birmingham. Second in a series of three articles

By Leopold Infeld


The marriage of carbon and the reactive gas fluorine has resulted in a whole new family of stable and promising compounds

By J. H. Simons

Democritus on the Atom

The remarkable insights of the Greek materialist philosopher are preserved in the writings of later commentators

Natural History of a Virus

Virologists have pursued the organism that causes herpes simplex, the common fever blister or cold sore, by the subtle track it leaves within its host

By Philip and Emily Morrison


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