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The Nobel Prizes

Although they are given in literature and peace. as well as science, they have mainly reflected a scientific age. A history of the science prizes and how they were begun

By George W. Gray


The medieval Chinese observed a stellar explosion that would dwarf ordinary novae. Astronomers have detected such stars in other galaxies and pondered their cause

By George Gamow

Transformed Cells

In the salamander, which is able to regenerate amputated limbs, certain cells return to their unspecialized youth. What is the bearing of this curious phenomenon on such problems as cancer?...

By S. Meryl Rose

The Fuel Problem

The demand for liquid and gaseous fuels must sooner or later outstrip our resources of petroleum and natural gas. What of the processes that get these fuels from such solids as coal?

By Eugene Ayres

Visit to Poland

The author travels to the land of his birth and makes a tour of some of its ruined but reviving universities. Last in a series of three articles

By Leopold Infeld

Ocean's Floor

A remarkable aerial photograph uncovers its the conformation off coast of Africa

Crystals and Electricity

In certain crystals mechanical deformation liberates electric charges, and Vice versa. This piezoelectric effect has many applications, notably in ultrasonics

By Walter G. Cady


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