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UN v. Mass Destruction

Negotiations for the control of atomic weapons begin hopefully in 1950 with the Great Powers' agreement to explore several fresh approaches

By Trygve Lie

Heart Surgery

Until recently the vital muscular pump was considered outside the surgeon's domain. Now bold new operations correct several kinds of damage or congenital defect

By Frank G. Slaughter


A fascinating and important branch of modern mathematics is concerned with such matters as turning an inner tube inside out and bands and bottles that have only one side

By Albert W. Tucker and Herbert S. Bailey

The Genetic Basis of Evolution

The rich variety of living and dead species of plants and animals is the result of subtle interplay between the hereditary mechanism and a diversified environment,

By Theodosius Dobzhansky

The Energy of Stars

The radiation which ceaselessly floods interstellar space originates from the nuclear reactions of stellar interiors

By Robert E. Marshak


The renowned British scientific journal is a faithful mirror of international science

The American Languages

Although most Americans speak English, U. S. speech falls into distinct regional patterns. Some of these have been compiled in a new Linguistic Atlas of the Eastern states

By Hans Kurath

Playing 'Possum

The American marsupial is only one of many animals that feign death. The physiological reason for such behavior may bear upon some similar states in man

By Carl G. Hartman


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