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Is civilization endangered by the probability of a rapid Malthusian growth of the peoples in Asia and Latin America during the next five decades?

By Warren S. Thompson

High Compression

New auto engines, now in the offing, must get more miles per gallon. But industry is debating whether to count on higher octanes or more ingenious design

By Alex Taub

Infant Vision

Babies grasp the world first with their eyes and then with their hands. Vision is therefore a prime constituent in the development of the total child

By Arnold Gesell

The Milky Way

The great band of stars that arches across the night sky is our galaxy seen from inside. Astronomers have pressed beyond it, but they are still investigating its structure

By Bart J. Bok

Animal Electricity

A phenomenon that did much to awaken our early investigations of electricity is still of great interest to biologists

By H. B. Steinbach

Prefrontal Lobotomy: Analysis and Warning

The psychosurgical operation has now been performed on more than 5,000 Americans. An account of a recent investigation into how it affects the mental capacities

By Kurt Goldstein

A Chess-Playing Machine

Electronic computers can be set up to play a fairly strong game, raising the question of whether they can "think"

By Claude E. Shannon

Up from the Embryo

The process by which a fertilized egg cell evolves to a highly specialized organism has been revealed by brilliant techniques of experimental embryology

By Florence Moog


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