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An account of a significant statistical study of racial discrimination from the standpoint that hostility is the consequence of insecurity

By Bruno Bettelheim and Morris Janowitz

The Abundance of the Elements

Physicists and astronomers have been engaged in a cosmic inventory of the various kinds of atoms as a clue to their primordial creation

By Armin J. Deutsch

The Pituitary

Its anterior lobe, which manufactures the widely noted ACTH and other hormones, plays a major part in the orchestration of the endocrine system

By Choh Hao Li

Autumn Colors

In the fall the leaves of hardwood trees assume their hues of yellow and red. The latter is of special interest to chemists

By Kenneth V. Thimann


Three centuries ago some sensible questions asked by gamblers founded a branch of mathematics. Today it powerfully assists our understanding of nature

By Warren Weaver

The Kuanyama Ambo

A tribe of the Bantu people in South-West Africa is an example of how a society generates social controls to meet the conditions of its existence

By Edwin M. Loeb


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October 1950

Music's Mysterious Power

Music's Mysterious Power

Emotional. Cognitive. Therapeutic.