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Votes in the Making

What are the factors that influence voters and decide elections? The investigations of social science have begun to add to the knowledge of the politician

By Paul F. Lazarsfeld

Ground Water

The subterranean rocks of the U. S. hold more water than all its surface reservoirs. Yet the present demand on this mighty store raises the question of whether it is being permanently depleted...

By A. N. Sayre

"Spinal" Cats Walk

When the spinal cord of an animal is cut, a permanent paralysis has been thought to result. Now some remarkable experiments show that in some animals the severed system is capable of learning...

By P. S. Shurrager

Partner of the Genes

An account of the experimental evidence indicating that the factors controlling heredity lie not only in the nucleus of the cell but also in the rest of it

By T. M. Sonneborn

Simple Simon

A small mechanical brain that possesses the same fundamental characteristics as its larger relatives can explain in rudimentary fashion how they work

By Edmund C. Berkeley

Surgical Stitching

The surgeon's needlework is in many ways similar to that of the housewife, but it requires special skills because of the properties of the material

By Sir Heneage Ogilvie

Ion Exchange

The technique of replacing electrically charged atoms or groups of atoms with others of the same charge has become increasingly useful to science and technology

By Harold F. Walton

Is Man here to Stay?

Throughout evolutionary history all dominant forms of life except man have been supplanted. Thus far the new dominant forms have sprung from unobtrusive, unspecialized creatures

By Loren C. Eiseley


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