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Color Television

Although the Federal Communications Commission has chosen one of the three competing systems, the debate over their relative merits continues

By Newbern Smith


In winter many species of animals curl up and lower their body temperature to conserve their resources. Curiously the bear does not seem to be one of them

By Charles P. Lyman and Paul O. Chatfield

Symbolic Logic

It is a language that manipulates ideas as algebra manipulates numbers. It has been applied with notable success to practical problems requiring unusually precise and economical reasoning...

By John E. Pfeiffer

The Big Schmidt

The wide, sharp field of the 48-inch telescope, now engaged in a survey of the entire sky visible from Palomar Mountain, complements the deep but narrow view of the great 200-inch

By Albert G. Wilson

Group Psychotherapy

Man is a social animal, and his neuroses can often be treated in a social context. One psychotherapist can work with several patients, who at the same time greatly influence one another

By S. R. Slavson

Fertilization of the Egg

What happens when the germ cells of animals unite? The answer has partly been given by the useful eggs of sea urchins, which are visibly fertilized in water

By Alberto Monroy

Fine Particles

The fertility of the soil, the color of the sky and a multitude of other things depend on bits of matter either barely visible or smaller than the eye can see

By Clyde Orr Jr.

The Earth's Heat

Like the fever of a sick man, the temperature of rocks in the crust of our planet is a clue to the processes of its inaccessible interior

By A. E. Benfield


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