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Operations Research

It is the application of scientific method to broad problems in war, government and business. First developed by the British during World War II, it is now beginning to flower in the U...

By Arthur A. Brown and Horace C. Levinson

The Control of Blood Clots

The mechanism that prevents hemorrhage can also cause internal catastrophes. New agents and tests show promise of forestalling them

By Shepard Shapiro

The Structure of the Nucleus

The electrons in an atom tend to occupy distinct shells. What about particles in the nucleus? The "magic numbers" of the isotope chart suggest that they also have a shell arrangement

By Maria G. Mayer


Some 50 years ago a Russian botanist devised a way of separating the pigments of a green leaf. Now the method has been developed to fractionate a host of mixtures of subtly different substances...

By Stanford Moore and William H. Stein

The Horn of the Unicorn

The unicorn is legendary, but the horn is not. Although an early naturalist discovered the animal from which it came, modern biologists still find it a puzzling problem

By John Tyler Bonner

Fertilization in Mammals

The union of the mammalian sperm and egg is a delicate process, yet it can be manipulated by experimental techniques. In some animals the egg alone can be artificially stimulated to grow into an offspring...

By Gregory Pincus

Color Blindness

Because the visual defect is relatively commonplace, its mythology has a surprising vitality. The psychologist has worked diligently to separate its facts from its fictions

By Alphonse Chapanis

Warm Clothes

What fabrics or combinations of fabrics best insulate the body against the loss of heat? An account of an unusual study that produced some objective and practical answers to this question...

By M. E. Barker


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