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The Earth's Uranium

It is fairly common, yet it occurs in few concentrations that can profitably be mined. A brief summary of the most important deposits, including some that have only recently been revealed...

By Paul F. Kerr

Revival by Light

Concerning the remarkable discovery that visible radiation is able to resuscitate microogranisms that have apparently been killed by ultraviolet

By Albert Kelner

Heavy Elements from Space

By sending special balloons to great altitudes physicists have learned that primary cosmic rays are not only the nuclei of hydrogen but also those of more massive atoms

By Edward P. Ney


The very small microorganisms that grow only in cells are studied not only for the treatment and prevention of the infections they cause but also for themselves

By F. M. Burnet

Musical Tones

The wave structure of music is made visible for the classroom

By Hugh Lineback

The Heat Pump

Invented a century ago and widely applied in recent years, the device that utilizes the temperature of the ground or the air to heat and cool houses is still evolving

By John F. Sandfort

What People Dream About

In which 10,000 dreams are statistically investigated with respect to setting, cast of characters, plot, emotions and coloring

By Calvin S. Hall

The Canadian Meteor Crater

An account of the discovery and exploration of the two-mile crater on the barrens near Hudson Bay. If it is conclusively shown to be meteoritic, it is the largest yet found on earth

By V. B. Meen


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