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The Origins of U.S. Scientists

What is the educational background of our doctors of natural science? A survey indicates that liberal arts colleges produce more of them per thousand graduates than large universities do...

By George A. W. Boehm, H. B. Goodrich and R. H. Knapp

Artificial Respiration

A man apparently dead of electric shock or drowning can live a surprisingly long time. A study of the phenomenon indicates that the common method of resuscitation is inferior to another

By Stefan Jellinek


Astronomers have recently constructed some plausible theories about the composition and origin of these periodic visitors to the center of the solar system

By Fred L. Whipple

Synthetic Fibers

The production of the euphoniously named new textile substances has now outstripped that of wool. What is the physical basis of this technological development?

By Simon Williams

The Peoples of Pine Lawn Valley

For eight summers archaeologists have pieced together the cultural history of the Indians who lived in a small region of New Mexico while Greece and Rome rose and fell and northern Europe flowered...

By Paul S. Martin

The Theory of Numbers

Concerning shipwrecked sailors, the curious habit of Pierre de Fermat, calculating machines, wine jugs, magic squares and other aspects of the fascinating properties of integers

By Paul S. Herwitz

Atomic Microscope

A new instrument reveals the atoms of crystals in two steps: the first involving the diffraction of X-rays, the second the diffraction of light

The Blood Relationships of Animals

Because the serum proteins of a species are as characteristic as its bones, the reactions between proteins from different species may be used to locate them in the evolutionary scheme of things...

By Alan A. Boyden


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